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Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders
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Hoodia chips

The fresh hoodia chips are sliced from the plant and then dried.
There can be no mistake that they are.

Packaging: Woven bag containing 12,5kg Hoodia Gordonii chips.
Hoodia Powder

Hoodia Chips milled into the preferred mesch size of the customer.
Hoodia Powder is easy to authenticate.

: 50 Liter Plastic Drum of 25 kilogram Hoodia Gordonii Powder.

Bulk Orders Processed Hoodia Gordonii

BUCKET of 10 kg Hoodia Gordonii Powder in a Aluminium Bag.

The following testing processes are performed on our processed Hoodia:

Bulk Orders HPLC Test
Bulk Orders TLC Test Micro Biology
Bulk Orders Total Microbial Activity
Bulk Orders Escherichia Coli
Bulk Orders Yeast & Moulds
Bulk Orders Salmonella
Bulk Orders Staphylococcus Aureus
Bulk Orders Enterobacteriaceae
Bulk Orders Heavy Metals
Bulk Orders Arsenic
Bulk Orders Cadmium
Bulk Orders Mercury
Bulk Orders Lead
Bulk Orders Pesticide
Bulk Orders Residue Analysis
Bulk Orders Ash Content
 Bulk Orders Moisture Content

The following products can be ordered in a variation of quantities and packaging:lngblkarr Bulk Orders BUCHU lngblkarr Bulk Orders Rooibos tea lngblkarr Bulk Orders Green Rooibos tea

Buy only from suppliers with certification that the source is
South Africa.  This is very important, as Hoodia that is not
from South Africa is much cheaper and of course does
not work for appetite suppression.
Never buy Hoodia Products without a valid Certificate of Analysis.

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